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Sunday Slacker: What do you think of the director's scene breakdown of "The Girl on the Train?"

The Girl on the Train is still playing, still a good time at the theater. 

Today’s Sunday Slacker video comes via the New York Times and their Anatomy of a Scene feature. In this edition, director Tate Taylor discusses the scene where Rachel has just left Scott Hipwell’s home after his wife has gone missing and sees her ex-husband Tom and his new wife Ana and their baby just coming home. 

Have a watch—

Do you agree that shooting most of the scenes in the daytime have “added to the eeriness’’ as Taylor says? He speaks about the beauty of the location in contrast to the horror of the action and that leaves would fall as if on cue. Not in this clip, unless I’m mistaken. 

He also talks about the intimacy of the ex-couple in the scene but watching it again makes me wonder. Justin Theroux says the words “not here on the street’’ to Rachel about arguing but if you’ve ever had an argument in public— especially where people you know might see you—I think there’s a greater awareness that you might have an audience, a stronger sense of shame, of the desire to keep the discord under covers.

Maybe that’s just me? Am I the only one who has occasionally wanted to, figuratively anyway, throttle their spouse?