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Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio: A Look at Leo Through the Years

I really wish actors could stay out of trouble especially when they’re actors I love like birthday man Leo DiCaprio. The eco-minded star turns 41 today, November 11th. I go googling around looking for news about Leo, checking up on the Martin Scorsese directed The Devil in the White City—based on the book by Erik Larson and set to star Leo—and I’m inundated instead with stories about his Before the Flood environmental documentary and ties to money laundering that the Guardian says ‘casts a very unflattering light on his environmental crusading.’ Oh, Leo! Please say it ain’t so. Various groups are saying he needs to give the money back. They also make the point that he goes flying to these events in a private helicopter which isn’t exactly eco-friendly.

In a conversation with President Obama about the film, Leo also let drop that he signed up for the space shuttle trip to Mars. Here’s hoping that’s a joke; the journey is a one way trip.

Since I can’t find any more news on The Devil in the White City than what I shared in my last post on the subject, or any other upcoming film he’s associated with as an actor—he's producing Live by Night and a Robin Hood origin story—and putting the controversy aside, I thought you might enjoy this fan-created video depicting Leo through the ages from 1989 (when he was 15) on. Unfortunately it ends in 2010. It’s strangely creepy ... like you wouldn’t be surprised to hear the man was a Ted Bundy-like serial killer! Which makes him picture perfect for the part of Holmes in Devil in the White City. I’m dying for a little news on that.