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The Girl on the Train—The French Trailer

My sister in law J.—probably an even more voracious reader than moi—has seen The Girl on the Train and LOVED it. I’m hoping to get to it a demain, especially now that someone whose opinion I respect has weighed in so p0sitively.

Which is my clunky way of letting you know this is my official Dreaming of France post. Every week I play along with Paulita Kincer’s meme at An Accidental Blog. It’s a time and place for francophiles to share their passion for France. Sometimes I share memoir over on my writing site, sometimes I share French trailers and the like here at Chapter1—Take1. Today is a trailer day. 

On that note, enjoy the French bande annonce for The Girl on the Train starring Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Allison Janney and Haley Bennett.