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Joe Alwyn—Star of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk—is THR's Next Big Thing

Here’s a lovely bit of fluffery for today’s Sunday Slacker video. Meet Joe Alwyn the newcomer –he was a college student in London when he was first cast—headlining Ang Lee’s highly anticipated Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. The film debuted this past weekend at the NYFF to mixed reviews. While Ang Lee is pushing technological boundaries, shooting at 125 frames per second (the usual is 24) not everyone was thrilled at the results. I have seen the trailer in theaters and it took my breath away, bringing a clutch to my throat, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see the entire film to know for sure. 

One thing is for certain, Joe Alwyn IS the next big thing.

 “I think of the film and book as an anti-war, pro-soldier story. Talking to people who have served was eye-opening and left me with a huge amount of respect for what they do.”
Joe Alwyn

Anyone else surprised to see Alwyn is a Brit?