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Born on this day: Richard Harris #SaturdayMatinee #Camelot

Born on this Day: Richard Harris

Richard Harris was thirty-seven when he played King Arthur in Camelot in 1967, setting my pubescent heart aquiver. While Franco Nero was devastatingly handsome as Lancelot, it was Arthur—so devoted, ultimately so unselfish in his love for Guenevere—who stole my heart. The lavish set design—who can resist the twinkling lights that filled the wedding scene?—and the extravagantly gorgeous costumes worn by Vanessa Redgrave’s Guenevere didn’t hurt in the sweep me off my feet department.

The actor won the Golden Globe for his performance, the movie won Oscars for its Costume Design, Art Direction, and aptly, Best Music since it was based on both the Broadway musical and the T.H. White classic The Once and Future King.

I’ve shared my love of the splashy, schmaltzy Camelot before but seeing as today would be Richard Harris’ 86th birthday—the actor passed away in 2002—let’s watch it again.

Watch the trailer below but first, and even better, Richard Harris singing the very politically incorrect How to Handle a Woman, still one of my favorite songs from the film. 

Camelot is available to stream on Amazon, YouTube, Vudu and Google Play. Enjoy today’s Saturday Matinee.

So? How do you handle a woman?