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3 Clips from Nocturnal Animals starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal

Anticipation. I’m seriously so excited to see what Tom Ford makes of Austin Wright’s Tony & Susan in the upcoming Nocturnal Animals starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal with Michael Shannon and Isla Fisher. November 17th can not come soon enough.

As we know, Nocturnal Animals is the story within the story in the original novel, so I found this piece by Graham Infrey in IndieWire of particular interest.
“Nocturnal Animals” is a film that takes place in three different worlds: present day, flashbacks, and a live-action depiction of a manuscript sent to Amy Adams’s character Susan by her ex-husband, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. The second feature film from designer-turned-director Tom Ford, the movie is based on the 1993 Austin Wright novel “Tony and Susan.”

Though the manuscript in the film–also called “Nocturnal Animals–is a fictional story about a horrific crime, Ford brings the unpublished novel to life within the context of the movie by having Gyllenhaal play both Adams’ ex-husband and the main character of the manuscript.
The ex-husband and the character in the novel he’s written, Jake plays them both. Of course! For those of us that have read the book, that’s clear from the trailer. And completely in keeping with the novel as Susan keeps putting her ex “Edward’’ in the role of Tony while she’s reading. 

At the risk of inundating you with tmi, here are three clips from the film that accompanied the IndieWire piece
The first of the below clips is a flashback to Adams and Gyllenhaal’s chance encounter in New York City. It’s followed by a scene from the unpublished novel, wherein a detective played by Michael Shannon interrogates a suspect about the horrific crime mentioned above. The final clip shows Adams’ character of Susan in present day.

I’ve seen two reviews from opposite ends of the spectrum: “Superb’’ and “Just dub it a stylish exercise’’  I’ll retain my optimism. Your thoughts?

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