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New TV series is a 'sexy contemporary take on Oliver Twist'. Yes, Sexy!

Ah, tis true. “There is no new thing under the sun.’’ Bill Shakespeare

That’s it. I must be a ridiculous old person who has slipped over to the curmudgeonly side. According to Deadline plans are in to rework Oliver Twist as a weekly live-action show that’s described as a “sexy contemporary take” on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Twist—the sexy new title—focuses ‘‘on a struggling twenty-something woman who finds “a real sense of family” when she falls in with a crew of Robin Hood-esque thieves who “use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.”

And in more good news from the world of public domain ... King Arthur is being reimagined as a police procedural. 

“When an ancient magic reawakens in modern-day Manhattan, a graffiti artist named Art must team with his best friend Lance and his ex, Gwen — an idealistic cop — in order to realize his destiny and fight back against the evil forces that threaten the city.’’  They’re calling it Camelot. I’m calling it stupid. 

Both weekly TV shows are planned for the FOX network. So, um, did you read the book?