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Jared Leto joins Ryan Gosling, Harrsion Ford & Robin Wright in Blade Runner 2

Denis Villeneuve hasn’t been able to attend the film fests where Arrival—based on Ted Chiang’s novella The Story of You—has been getting raves because he's in Budapest filming Blade Runner 2 with Ryan Gosling in the lead. You've probably heard that Harrison Ford is back as Rick Deckard. No one knows much more than that as the film is based on an original idea by Hampton Fancher who cowrote the first screen adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 

"I can say nothing...it's an insane project that is moving forward...we are in the middle of the shoot right now and Ryan Gosling is fantastic," Villeneuve said. "For me it's a big, big, big...artistic encounter. I have never been that inspired by an actor. He is really doing something special in front of the camera right now."
Today's news is that Jared Leto has just joined the cast. Again the shoot is still 'shrouded in mystery' so we have no idea who—or what?—Leto will be playing. In additon to Gosling and Harrison Ford, Leto will be joining Robin Wright, Ana de Armas and Mackenzie Davis. Acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins is doing the shooting as he did for Villeneuve's Sicario and Enemies.

Leto is having a great year. He's just put together a deal which has him playing Andy Warhol in a biopic based on Victor Bockris 1989 book, Warhol: The Biography which Leto bought the rights to some time ago. More on that news to come!