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Happy Birthday, Colin Firth: Saturday Matinee

Sigh. There is just something about Colin Firth that puts a tiny smile in the corner of my mouth. The voice? Quite possibly. The curiosity that lies beneath that restrained, polite exterior. What, one wonders, would make him break from his dignified posture? What makes his own mouth with its tight little smile break open with unbridled joy. Sigh.

Everyone’s favorite Mr. Darcy turns 56 today. We could watch Pride and Prejudice in his honor. I’ve got Hulu where it’s free (one of our family’s best investments) but it’s also avail on iTunes and Amazon for a couple of bucks. 

Or as the well-dressed spy in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. In my take on the movie I wrote— 
“Colin Firth, the film’s resident movie star, as Bill Haydon was quite as charming as LeCarré intended but isn’t he always? That mix of swagger and vulnerability, the offhand smile; he’s quite deadly.’’
[Avail on iTunes, youTube, Amazon, Vudu and GooglePlay]

Firth won the BAFTA for playing A Single Man in Tom Ford’s masterpiece. Both the Oscar and the Golden Globe for his portrayal of the stuttering King George in A King’s Speech
both films available on Amazon, YouTube, etc.

We loved him in Bridget Jones and fell head over heels in Love Actually. There's The Railway Men, Genius, and the Kingsman movie. I wasn’t a fan of the latter but there were enough fans that they’re making number two.

But I’m intrigued about the one I missed and I confess, it’s based on a book I didn’t read. Then She Found Me, made way back in 2007, was very loosely based on Elinor Lipman’s novel of the same name. What has my curiosity piqued is that the film not only stars Colin Firth opposite Helen Hunt, Then She Found Me was Hunt’s directorial debut.

Let’s watch the trailer. But if you find yourself itching to see the whole movie—which also stars the Divine Miss M and Matthew Broderick—this is a Saturday Matinee fail. It's not available to stream on any legit service that I can find. So what to watch? What’s your favorite Colin Firth flick?