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First trailer for Ben Affleck's Adaptation of Dennis Lehane's 'Live by Night"

The first trailer for Ben Affleck’s adaptation of Dennis Lahane’s Live By Night already has Hollywood tongues wagging Oscar. 

This is the actor’s fourth time in the director’s chair and while the movie doesn’t come out until January but the film looks so promising, industry types are expecting an Oscar-qualifying release in December.

Affleck also stars, playing Joe Coughlin, the son of a policeman who finds himself succeeding in a life of organized crime. Set in the 1920’s era of prohibition, the film was shot by renowned Robert Richardson, with music by Harry Gregson Williams who most recently did the music for The Martian.

Is this the same car Leo drove in The Great Gatsby? Hmmm.

The ensemble cast includes Sienna Miller, Elle Fanning, Zoe Saldana, Brendan Gleeson, Scott Eastwood and Chris Cooper.

Let’s watch the just-released trailer from Warner Bros. That's Hozier’s Arsonist Lullaby in the background.