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Tom Hiddleston Talks His Emmy Nomination for The Night Manager via THR

I missed this interview with Tom Hiddleston talking about his Emmy nomination for The Night Manager with THR's Scott Feinberg. In case you did too, here's a half hour of Hiddleston’s glorious voice. Seriously, could you listen to Hiddleston talk all day? To be honest—and not that it matters—I’d rather listen than look. A superb actor, he’s just not my cup of English breakfast tea. 

I know, Hiddles fans, I know. He has an amazing physique—that’s classier than saying he has a hot body, right? What is it that marks him for me as less than perfect? It might be the shape of his hairline that I find distracting. Hmmm. I wonder how men like it when women writers disparage male actors simply on the basis of surface physical traits?

On the even more gossipy side, Hiddleston and girlfriend Taylor Swift will make their first official public appearance together at the Emmy’s on September 18th.