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The Light Between Oceans: The Reviews are in and I don't like 'em

I’m not happy. The Light Between Oceans opens Friday and the reviews—mostly by men, mind you—aren’t great.

They have a variety of reasons, none of which have to do with Alicia Vikander’s and Michael Fassbender’s performance or Adam Arkapaw’s stunning cinematography. Mostly, they fault the material—based on the book by M.L. Stedman—devastating and emotional certainly, and director Derek Cianfrance’s attraction to it. 

Here’s a sampling.

relentlessly old-fashioned, down to the sexual politics 
[The Verge~Tasha Robinson] 

there’s no denying that the movie, while lavishly shot and acted with impeccable gravity, has the operatic manipulativeness of a deeply solemn chick flick posing as art.
 [Variety~Owen Gleiberman]

The cathartic pleasures of a good old-fashioned weepie are promised and then never delivered in Derek Cianfrance's handsome but curiously lifeless The Light Between Oceans.
[The Hollywood Reporter~Jon Frosch]

Alicia Vikander Shines Bright In A Rocky Period Romance  
[IndieWire~David Ehrlich]

Alicia Vikander Flirts With Tragedy, Settles Down With Sap  
[The Wrap~Alonso Duralde] 

Soap gets in your teary eyes 
[Chicago Sun Times~Richard Roeper]

Ugh. That’s enough. I’m still heading out to my local theater on Friday. I am hoping that the film, like the book by Stedman, will move me in ways that left the critics cold. How about you?