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Saturday Matinee: Catch Me if You Can featuring birthday 'girl' Amy Adams

Catch Me if You Can stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks of course. John Williams score was nominated and Christopher Walken got a nom as Abegnale Sr. But the film also features Amy Adams as an innocent little girl type. Adams was actually 28 when she played Brenda Strong, the naive young thing swept off her feet by dreamy conman Frank Abegnale. While Junebug is generally considered Adam’s breakout role—her 2005 performance is the first of her five Oscar nominations—Catch Me if You Can came 3 years before that. She’s good at seeming naive, vulnerable, almost trembling. Besides Catch Me if You Can, think of Doubt, The Master, more recently Big Eyes

                                    gif via olyaolia.tumblr.com

Amy Adams turns 43 today, no longer a little girl, the actor has two upcoming films that fall under our book to movie-watching eye. Arrival based on the Ted Chiang short story/novella The Story of Your Life and Nocturnal Animals based on Tom Ford's adaptation of Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. I’m just beginning that one right now.

Catch Me if You Can (because I’m also a Leo fan) is available to stream on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu and Google Play and, fingers crossed, Netflix.

Check out this scene where Abegnale and Brenda meet and if you decide to watch—or rewatch—Catch Me if You Can, let me know what you think.