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Arrival starring Amy Adams: Read the novella by Ted Chiang. Watch the trailer.

Last week I shared the first TV spot, a teaser trailer for Arrival. Now we have the full trailer, 2.25 minutes, and clearly, as Jeremy Renner has said in interviews Arrival IS Amy Adam’s movie. Due to the film’s placement at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, and the movie’s November 11th Oscar-baity release date, there’s already buzz that Adams will be in contention for an Oscar. It's about time the 5 time nominee got a win but she'll in tough company with Alicia Vikander sure to be in the running with The Light Between Oceans.

If you want to read Ted Chiang’s original story, The Story of Your Life, I’ve got a link to the novella which we learned back in 2014, sold to Paramount in a 5 studio bid for a hefty $20 million! How many bucks a word is that, I wonder?

If you can’t manage 57 pages, here’s how IndieWire breaks down Arrival which also stars Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. 
“Arrival” is set in the aftermath of an alien invasion. When a dozen extraterrestrial pods enter the atmosphere, the government brings in an esteemed linguist, Louise Banks (Adams), to attempt to decipher their language and figure out their intent on Earth. She’s helped by a military official (Forest Whitaker) and a mathematician (Jeremy Renner). Considering Villeneuve’s knack for twisty narratives (see “Enemy” for example), expect Banks’ attempt to crack the code to yield sufficient psychological drama.

There are aspects of the story that this trailer barely grazes and which have very much to do with Chang’s original title Story of Your Life. I’m very curious to see how much, or how little, of that storyline makes it into the film.