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Tulip Fever shoved to 2017.

Y'know how I said just a couple of days ago that  Tulip Fever was coming out July 15th? Less than ten days from today? Cancel that!
That's what The Weinstein Company, the producers behind the project, just did. Less than ten days before its opening, Henry Weinstein has pushed the film's release date back to 2017.

Frankly, the movie has generated so little buzz, small worry beads have been forming in its dearth: is this movie a major bomb? is Weinstein just—in the words of a friend—dumping it? 

The movie was shot back in 2014, and has been 'finished' for a year. The Weinstein Company is offering no reason for the last minute change but it looks like despite the presence of a high wattage star like Alicia Vikander, plus Christoph Waltz and Dane DeHaan, the company has no faith in Tulip Fever.

I didn't like the book, I had high hopes for the movie. How do you say, "So long sucker, in Dutch?"

Tulip Fever will now open on February 24th, 2017. Can they fix it? Will they even try? Stay tuned.