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Into the Forest starring Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page: On DirectTV June 23, In theaters July 22 [trailer]

Based on the post-Apocalyptic thriller by Jean Hegland, Into the Woods stars Evan Rachel Wood, Ellen Page and Max Minghella. The story focuses on two sisters who have to brave a world without power, and in so doing, find their own power. Sounds like a story that will appeal to anyone who already has a three day survival pack loaded in the back of their car should things head south this fall. Oh! That would be me. Into the Forest is directed by Patricia Nozema, another talented Canadian woman, another plus for the film featuring a strong female driven story.

People keep saying to me, ‘Wow it’s so amazing to see a film with strong women.’ But that’s how I know women. This is a film about women, not ‘strong’ women” 
           Evan Rachel Wood

The book encompassed a lot of the things I was thinking about at the time, of one’s relationship to the environment. It was a beautiful, compelling, scary story.” 
Ellen Page.

Here's the lowdown on the book:
Set in the near-future, Into the Forest focuses on the relationship between two teenaged sisters as they struggle to survive the collapse of society. 
In many ways, Nell and Eva have experienced a near-idyllic childhood, growing up miles from the nearest neighbor in the forests of northern California. Their father, an iconoclastic grade school principal, has decided to keep them out of school, and their mother has encouraged each of them to follow her own passions. As a result, Eva is determined to become a ballet dancer, while her younger sister, Nell, hopes to matriculate at Harvard. 
Despite the fact that their happy world is rocked when their mother dies of cancer, they and their father are determined to carry on. Even as terrorism, a distant war, increasingly unpredictable weather, and an unstable economy, challenge the reliability of social order and infrastructure, their little family continues to hoard its resources and attempts to keep up its spirits as they wait for the lights to come back on, the phone to ring, and the lives they have been anticipating to return to them. But when their father is killed in an accident, and a dangerous stranger arrives at their door, the girls confront the fact that they must find some new way to grow into adulthood. 
Into the Forest has been called both poetic and a page-turner. It is the kind of book that some readers read slowly in order to savor every sentence, and that costs other readers a night’s sleep, when they find that they cannot put it down.
Into the Forest trailer

 Into the Forest is available today on DirectTV & hits theaters on July 11th. I'll plug Into the Forest into the guide to 
Any other book to movie projects I've missed?