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Did you see Game of Thrones' Battle of the Bastards episode?

IF you're all caught up with Game of Thrones and still shaking your head over last week's Battle of the Bastards, then you might want to watch this week's Sunday Slacker video via Variety. Vfx producer Steve Kullback and vfx supervisor Joe Bauer tell Variety’s David Cohen not just whodunnit (the VFX team plus about 250 extra's) but how they dunnit as well.

To be honest, as a proud, card-carrying romantic, I confess I don't always want to know all their secrets. While intellectually I accept that Jon Snow wasn't really as miraculous a swashbuckling survivor as he is in the scene, seeing the process broken down into pencil drawings puts a bit of a damper on my awe. Sometimes I really would prefer to just sit, mouth hanging open and wonder, how the hell did they do that!?

At other times, I'm all about getting to the bottom of the down and dirty. How about you, are you up for the inside scoop?