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Arrival formerly known as Story of Your Life set to arrive on November 11th

There is something about the title Story of Your Life that draws me in a deeply personal way. Paramount in its infinite wisdom has changed the name of the adaptation of the Ted Chiang story to Arrival. Not to be confused with all those Arrival movies littering imdb already—apologies to my old friend and neighbor Kevin Tenney, but that applies to your film Arrival II, too! 

I'm not at all sure what the rationale for the title change is. Is it so we're prepared for their deviation from Chiang's piece of fiction?

Still, the story about the aliens arriving—I guess we need a hammer to hit us over a headstarring Amy Adams as a linguistic expert and Jeremy Renner as physics professor when the aliens arrive, is one of this year's most highly anticipated projects, taking Cannes by storm. 

Just wish it wasn't coming out the same weekend as Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk!

I've added the release dates to the guide to Movies Based on Books 2016 and look forward, like a lot of you do, to the first trailer and some honest to goodness pix.