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Are you a writer? Don't miss Genius starring Colin Firth & Jude Law.

Genius— we talked about Genius in a post a week or so backis on my go-see list for this coming week. Colin Firth plays Max Perkins, the Scribner editor who wrangled author Thomas Wolfe—Jude Law—and herded him to publication. Nicole Kidman and Laura Linney star as the women in the men's lives. I can't wait. I'm seeing it with my friend Jackie because not only is she a writer, she also sometimes works as an editor making it the perfect film for her. She's heading home from a Florida vacay, wait until she sees this trailer in French! It's so full of passion which translates beautifully into fran├žais—even if the actor's mouths don't quite match up—she may have to take an earlier plane. In theaters here in the US now, the movie opens in France July 27.

French dubbed trailer for Genius

Prefer it in English with French subtitles? Here ya go.

Posted for the weekly Dreaming of France meme hosted by Paulita Kincer at An Accidental Blog. 

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