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A Philip Roth Renaissance? Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon star in Indignation [trailer] #book2movies

Philip Roth is having a good year! I'm currently reading Roth's American Pastoral which is headed to theaters at the end of this year with Ewan McGregor both directing and starring, along with Dakota Fanning as his rebellious daughter and Jennifer Connelly as his former beauty contest winner wife. 

But first, due out on July 29th, Indignation based on Roth's novel of the same name, stars Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon. Lerman in particular is getting raves for his performance. One of the blurbs in the trailer below calls it a star making performance; about time for the young Lerman who has been a successfully working actor in Hollywood since 2000. You've seen him in Jack & Bobby, The 3:10 to Yuma, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and last years Fury with Brad Pitt. 

You can read my own review of Indignation here but this is the gist of the story—
Based on the novel by Philip Roth, “Indignation” stars Lerman as Marcus Messner, a working class Jewish student who receives a scholarship to attend a small, conservative college in Ohio. Set in 1951, the story follows Messner as he attends the college, thus exempting him from being drafted in the Koran War, but a blossoming love affair with a beautiful classmate and a volcanic relationship with the college’s dean put his plans to the ultimate test.

I shared the opening paragraph and some stills from Indignation in that previous post. 

Here's the trailer which makes me want to read the novel right away. It's been almost fifty years since Roth's Goodbye Columbus lit up the screens with its collegiate concerns. The film was a huge hit, its screenplay was Oscar nominated for its adaptation. Will James Schamus be as successful? Here's hoping!