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The Night Manager starring Tom Hiddleston: The Opening Credits set the tone

There’s a new trailer online for The Night Manager starring Tom Hiddleston. I’ve seen the chatter. I know some of you are just watching because you’ve heard about that sex scene with Elizabeth Debicki which gives you a look at Tom Hiddleston’s bum. #Hiddlesbum trended on twitter for a bit. But there’s much more to The Night Manager,  based on the book by John LeCarré, than that.

A tense story of espionage, Hiddleston plays a former British soldier recruited by an intelligence officer to infiltrate the supposedly legit biz run by a powerful arms trader played by Hugh Laurie. Sort of fun to hear Laurie talking in his native tongue, for a change.

In LeCarre’s novel, the intelligence officer is a man, natch, but the part was rewritten for the six-part series in which Olivia Coleman takes the part of the special services officer. Have you seen Broadchurch? Then you know Coleman as the policewoman whose husband turns out to be both a pedophile and a killer. She is that special brand of actress whose every move is thoroughly real, for me she’s an British version of Frances McDormand. An actress cast not for her sex appeal or botox beauty but for her ability to channel the genuine article. British TV seems more willing than its American counterpart for its actors to look like real people warts and all.

Exciting too, the series is directed by Susanne Bier, yes! a woman. 

The Night Manager is coming to AMC as a six part episodic series starting April 19. 

Watch the opening credits which really set the stage with music by Victor Reyes.

The Night Manager Trailer