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The Night Manager: Costume Design—Dressing ... or UnDressing a Woman

While Tom Hiddleston stars as The Night Manager in the upcoming show on AMC —

and presents a beautifully tailored image via costume designer Signe Sejlund to boot—

It’s the silky wardrobe worn by Elizabeth Debicki's character Jed that’s getting most of the attention.

The British TV viewing public loved the BBC’s adaptation of John LeCarré’s espionage story originally set in the early 1990’s but changed to post 9/11 for the six part television series. And part of what they loved was the wardrobe from costume designer Signe Sejlund, especially the wardrobe worn by the character Jed, the wife of arms dealer Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie).

There’s a reason models are tall. Most clothes look best on tall giraffe-like figures like Elizabeth Debicki. And yet. Costume designer Sejlund, who described Ms Debicki as an ‘extremely elegant giraffe’ in The Mail, said Debicki at 6 foot 2 inches was so tall she actually had trouble fitting her. 
‘I had to discard a lot of clothes I brought to the fitting because although they would have been full length on a normal person, on Elizabeth they came just below her knee,’ Ms Sejlund said.

While Debicki’s character Jed is attached to Hugh Laurie’s arms dealer character, she is attracted to Jonathan Pine (Hiddleston).  •SPOILER ALERT• 

I’ve heard tell Debicki doesn’t keep her clothes on long!

Grecian-style off the shoulder blue dress from Yde by Ole Yde for £2000, about $3000

Not surprisingly then, some of Jed’s dresses were designed, not just to fit the actress, but to slip off easily. 
‘I liked the idea of Jed being one button or a zip away from being completely naked,’ Sejlund added. ‘The blue dress Jed discards to go swimming naked in the sea was specially designed to slip off.’

Taupe cowl-neck jumper dress from Selfridges priced at £350, about $500

Satiny, mustard yellow Rosie for Autograph underwear from Marks and Spencer at £38.50, about $55

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to run right out and order that bra and panty set. I'm sure it wil make me look 25 again, just like Elizabeth Debicki.  

Sexy looking show, right? The Night Manager, directed by Suzanne Bier, debuts April 19th on AMC.