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The Girl on the Train ... The First Trailer Is Here!

Here it is. I know those of you who read The Girl on the Train will be as curious as I am to see the trailer. It looks like the script from Erin Cressida Wilson has taken a wee bit of a turn from the thriller, putting Gone Girl like emphasis on the solving of the crime vs the novel’s interior unraveling of Rachel’s character. I don’t recall a detective like the one Allison Janney is playing in the trailer below, in Paula Hawkin’s bestseller. Clearly, I’m gonna have to read the book again.

Still, variations from the novel are expected and the movie looks intriguing, sexy and dangerous. Emily Blunt as Rachel is clearly breaking through to some deep emotional levels here. Take a look. What do you think? Does the trailer indicate the film has strayed too far from the book? Or is it right on track?

 Haley Bennett is Megan. The girl Rachel sees from the train
Luke Evans plays Megan’s husband, Scott
Justin Theroux is Rachel’s ex-husband, Tom 
Rebecca Ferguson is Anna, Tom’s new wife. 
The source of Rachel’s jealousy.

Directed by Tate Taylor, The Girl on the Train arrives on October 7.