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The Family Fang: Dysfuntional Family Dramedy starring Nicole Kidman & Jason Bateman [trailer]

The Family Fang, directed by Jason Bateman and starring Bateman and Nicole Kidman, is finally coming to movie theaters April 29th, so I thought I’d take a look back at my take on the book. Holy Moly, I really hated it!

 God, I hate these people! I cant believe I bothered reading an entire book about them. A pair of horrible, self-centered performance artists who use their kids as props for their all-important—and incredibly boring to read about—performance art pieces. A pair of siblings so screwed up and riddled with self-doubt that even as adults they continue to maintain a pathetic push-pull response to their parents that made me sad at first, then drove me mad. 
Yikes!  You can read the rest of my take on Kevin Wilson’s book The Family Fang here. I’m hoping the movie will be better and looking at the trailer I think it will be! Besides Bateman—who seems to have been able to tread that fine line between comedy and tragedy—& Nicole Kidman as draws, Pulitzer Prize winning David Lindsay Abaire (The Rabbit Hole) wrote the screenplay so that’s a plus. And Christopher Walken plays the father in this crazy family drama, another plus.  How about you? Are you a fan of The Family Fang

Here’s the trailer

Check out the 3 minute long video chat with Jason Bateman talking about directing The Family Fang over at Deadline.