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The Catcher was a Spy: Paul Rudd catches the part

When I think of Paul Rudd, this shot is pretty typical of the image that comes to my mind. A genial guy, a bit of a goofball. Which makes it difficult for me to put Paul Rudd in the leading role of Moe Berg, a real life World War II undercover intelligence agent. 

But that’s exactly who he’ll play in The Catcher Was A Spy, based on Nicholas Dawidoff’s nonfiction bestseller about a college graduate who spoke 9 languages and spent 15 years as a professional baseball player. At the same time as Moe Berg was playing catch he was also a top secret spy for America's pre-CIA intelligence agency the OSS, helping America win the arms race against Germany.

According to Empire, the adaptation plans have been talked about for quite awhile. At one point George Clooney was being eyed for the lead. George Clooney. Paul Rudd. What’s the difference, eh? 

What do you think?