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James Norton is in love with a married woman. That’s the crime in Grantchester

We’re already at the halfway point of Grantchester tonight?! 
I shared a preview of season two of Grantchester starring James Norton (War & Peace, Happy Valley) and Robson Green (Being Human) a couple of weeks back, and now after tonight’s episode three airs, we’ll have just three episodes to go. I’m glad I’m not bingeing the show, it would be over before I finished my glass of wine.

(Okay guys, Look into the camera, stare seriously  with a sexy undertone)

I find the shorter series episode model incredibly frustrating. I’m just warmed up, back in the groove after a long absence, getting to know the characters all over again, feeling really good about James Norton as Sydney Chambers and wham bam thank you ma’am, suddenly it’s the season finale. Call it dramitus interruptus.

That being said, this season, Grantchester—part Brit crime show, part love story—teases us with Geordie, the happily-married detective vowing to find the vicar a woman. Am I the only one who heard Todd Rundgren’s “We Gotta Get You a Woman” in their head? Am I the only one old enough to know who Todd Rundgren is???

While Sydney’s longtime friend Amanda (Morven Christie) is his true love—it’s in every look the two share and has been since season one, episode one—she’s now married, so we get to enjoy that frisson while Sydney reluctantly explores other romantic possibilities.

For this edition of Sunday Slacker, I’ve got three videos to watch.

First, both James Norton (Sydney) and Robson Green (Geordie)—who have some bromantic chemistry of their own—catch us up on season one and chat up this season’s ‘romantic entanglements’ 

Second, for those of you tuning in from Dreaming of France, a preview of Grantchester in French!

And third, remember that Todd Rundgren song running through my head? Here it is ...

James Runcie is writing new stories based on his own Grantchester Mystery books.