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I can’t stop listening ... The Night Manager Theme Music

Tonight, tonight. The much hyped—including by me and I’m not getting a penny from it—The Night Manager makes its debut tonight on AMC at 10pm/9 C. I know I’ve been blogging and blogging about it ad nauseum but I’m really intrigued for several reasons.

It’s John LeCarre, one of my favorite writers in the genre. It’s a female director, Susanne Bier. It’s produced by Stephen and Simon Cornwell (LeCarre’s sons). It’s Olivia Coleman who is astonishingly good in Broadchurch. It’s Hugh Laurie who will be wonderful to watch speaking Brit. It’s Elizabeth Debicki, that tall drink of Aussie water, who does more than share a steamy sex scene with Hiddleston and wear the wardrobe well. And it is especially Tom Hiddleston, the night manager, one of the actors being talked about as a possible Bond. Hiddleston can currently be seen in I Saw the Light, and stars with Luke Evans in HighRise coming to theaters April 28th. Tonight will be the first time I’ll see him playing something other than Loki, although I am well aware he was outstanding in The Hollow Crown. He’s extremely intelligent and well-schooled (Eton), he reads the Greek classics in the original Greek, has an exquisite speaking voice and an edge to his poshness.

Even if the show sucks—it won’t—I’m loving the opening credits, and the gorgeous theme music by Victor Reyes. Watch and listen. And I promise to quiet down now.

You like? Here’s the full soundtrack for Season 1.