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The trailer for Me Before You starring Emilia Clarke & Sam Claflin is here

Some fresh images from Me Before You (one of my favorite books) ...plus sometime today, the first trailer! I’ll post it below as soon as it arrives online at USAToday.com.
Emilia Clarke, who plays Louisa in the adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ best-seller, told the magazine—
Image Credit: Alex Bailey
Literally, Daenerys doesnt smile, Sarah Connor doesnt smile, but here it was like, Can you smile more? Can you have a good time? Im not trying to kill anyone, no one is trying to kill me. Its fun. 
Image Credit: Warner Brothers

In Me Before You Clarke a British small-town working-class girl takes a job as a carer for a quadriplegic, despite the fact that she has zero to no skills. Her client is Will Traynor (Sam Claflin/The Hunger Games) a former master of the universe, suicidal at being confined to a wheelchair for life after a traffic accident. Louisa is hired by Wills mother who hopes against hope that Louisa can give Will a reason to live.
Image Credit: Alex Bailey

Clarke says after reading the book on the set of Genisys, with bombs exploding around me,  she was not only moved to tears, she knew she wanted to play Louisa. All she had to do was convince director Thea Sharrock to giver her the part.

Actors cannot invest too much in auditions. Its too heartbreaking if you dont get it, says Clarke. But this one I was like, Im doing it. I was madly into it. Every fiber of me felt like someone had written me down. 

Me Before You hits theaters June 3rd. Got Kleenex?

So here it is! This is the longer version of the Me Before You trailer. I really hope you like it… it's about as close to the book as we could get without actually pasting pages of it onto the screen.
Posted by Jojo Moyes on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My take on Me Before You, the book by Jojo Moyes