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The Danish Girl: OSCAR-nominated Production Design by Eve Stewart #SlackerSunday

Eve Stewart and her set decorator Michael Standish are aptly nominated for an Oscar for their work on the gorgeous looking The Danish Girl.  Today’s #SlackerSunday video is via Variety and their ‘artisans’ series. This one looks at how Stewart brought the emotion of the characters to life on the screen. In the video, the designer references the painter Hammershoi, how his pale greys and blues influenced the color palette. Take a look at some of Hammershoi’s work in the post I wrote about the cinematography of The Danish Girl from Danny Cohen who also shot Room

In another life I would love to be a production designer. It’s probably the behind the scenes element of film I find the most exciting.  Imagine creating a whole little world through the use of color and furnishings, deciding on imposing walls and dark colors to create claustrophobic feelings or light, bright spaces full of windows and light to endow the film with an openness, a desire for adventure. Stewart and Standish are in the running with the designers of Mad Max, Bridge of Spies, The Martian and The Revenant. For me its The Danish Girl all the way.