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Rebecca Ferguson joins Michael Fassbender in The Snowman

This one’s a long way down the track but fans of 
a) Michael Fassbender
b) Rebecca Ferguson 
c) nordic crime novels
will want to watch out for The Snowman set for release October 13, 2017. Save the date. You dont want to get caught washing your hair. 

The Snowman is based on the Jo Nesbø novel featuring Harry Hole, the Norwegian detective investigating the disappearance of a woman, the only trace left behind, her pink scarf found wrapped around the neck of a snowman. 

In detail: 
One night, after the first snowfall of the year, a boy named Jonas wakes up and discovers that his mother has disappeared. Only one trace of her remains: a pink scarf, his Christmas gift to her, now worn by the snowman that inexplicably appeared in their yard earlier that day.  Inspector Harry Hole suspects a link between the missing woman and a suspicious letter he’s received. The case deepens when a pattern emerges: over the past decade, eleven women have vanished—all on the day of the first snow. But this is a killer who makes his own rules . . . and he’ll break his pattern just to keep the game interesting, as he draws Harry ever closer into his twisted web. 
I first told you about The Snowman last fall in the post Michael Fassbender: Movie Star Rising. The news is that filming is underway and that Rebecca Ferguson has officially joined the cast as Katrine Bratt, recently assigned to Harry Hole’s unit. 

Norway Lake/Camera Nordic

The Snowman is the 7th in Nesbø's 9 book series so it could be the start of a beautiful franchise for Fassbender. What a relief: theres life after X-Men! Filming in Norway now, The cast includes Charlotte Gainsborough & James Darcy in unspecified roles and is directed by Tomas Alfredson, the Swedish director who gave us the horror film Let the Right One In and the masterful LeCarre film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Tinker came out in 2011; Alfredson hasnt made a film since.

I couldn’t help but notice the tagline for the novel: “Beware the Falling Snow” Not to be confused with the title of Rebecca Ferguson’s upcoming film Despite the Falling Snow.