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Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander will tear your heart out in the first trailer for The Light Between Oceans

The trailer for The Light Between Oceans has arrived and it will tear you in two. I read the book last year, found the story devastating and can’t wait to see the emotionally rich material on screen. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are perfect for the parts of Tom and Isabel, and watching the trailer brings all the painful emotion of the book right back. The film directed by Blue Valentine’s Derek Cianfrance also stars Rachel Weisz, the beautiful score is from my composer crush Alexandre Desplat with cinematography from Adam Arkapaw who also shot Macbeth.

The Light Between Oceans doesn’t get released here in the states until September 2 and not until January 2017 for the UK!!  In the meantime Ill be watching the trailer over and over again. I know Im gushing, but talk about being Hollywoods royal couple (and yeah, I know neither one is from Hollywood); the pair has an immeasurable amount of talent. Vikander practically steals The Danish Girl from Eddie Redmayne and his Steve Jobs is a work of art. Cant wait for this one! 
Please, please read the book. It’s simply unforgettable.
Watch the trailer courtesy of The Guardian.