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Making Of The Revenant [A World Unseen] : This is what it looks like when you’re fighting for your life.

I finally saw The Revenant, a movie that left me so swimming in emotion I hardly know how to put my thoughts into words. I’ve never seen a film that so immediately makes you feel as though you were a part of it, absolutely in it. 

In the documentary on the making of the movie (below) Leonardo DiCaprio says the director ‘puts you there, almost like virtual reality, where you really feel like you’re out in the elements with these characters, you really feel immersed in their lives and you get the visual perspective of a character in the movie almost.’ 

I think that says it all. Being one with the characters, your feelings are ratcheted up, you are just as wrapped up, just as gutted as the actors playing the parts.From frame one, like the bear in the mauling scene, the movie picks you up between its teeth and won’t let you go. It swings you around and simply won’t let go.