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Happy Burtday Mr Reynolds!

 Burt Reynolds is 80 81 today! ( I posted this last year on Burt’s 80th and see no reason not to repost!) I still remember him from his visits to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson; there was one especially crazy-memorable night when Dom Deloise rubbed whipped cream all over Reynolds tight leather suit, leaving Johnny howling, tears streaming down his cheeks, making those of us watching at home, laugh even harder. Both Johnny and Dom are gone now, but Reynolds is still here, kicking around, hanging on, making a living in film and tv. 
Man, if you remember him from the 70s, he was something, a flashy, mustache-swaggering, macho man, that deep down you had a sense was making fun of his whole schtick. 

While we all loved him in 1997’s Boogie Nights, his heyday was the 70’s & 80’s, in films like Smokey & the Bandit (all of em)Starting Over, The Longest Yard, At Long Last Love, The Man Who Loved Women and Cannon Ball Run, todays #ThrowbackThursday movie is another iconic film. Deliverance, the film with the scene that epitomized every guys worst nightmare. Starring Jon Voight, Ned Beatty in his debut, and Ronny Cox along with Reynolds, Deliverance, based on the book by James Dickey, was nominated for Best Picture and its direction by John Boorman. Burt, still boasting plenty of chest hair, must have felt nigh naked without his trademark mustache. 

I couldn’t find a trailer but who needs it when you’ve got this clip featuring the famous Dueling Banjos scene? 

Deliverance is available to stream on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, YouTube and GooglePlay. What’s your favorite Reynold’s movie?

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