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Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter: The Revenant Cast Interview #SlackerSunday

If you saw The Revenant, you’ll enjoy this Sunday Slacker interview with Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter, a pair of actors from the British Isles who play a couple of early Americans beautifully. In one of this year’s most riveting films, Gleeson is the well-meaning leader of a group of fur-trappers who orders two men to stay and bury Hugh Glass (Leo DiCaprio) after a bear attack leaves him close to death.
Will Poulter plays Bridger, an innocent young man who volunteers for the task because his conscience tells him its the right thing to do, while Tom Hardy (Fitzgerald) stays only because of the extra money he’ll be paid to stay. While Bridger other does everything he can to look after Glass, Fitzgerald wishes resentfully for Glass’ demise. 
If you haven’t seen The Revenant, get to your multiplex ASAP. It’s more than the gore and violence you’ve heard so much about. The Revenant is gorgeous, both in the stunning natural world its shows, and in how reverently it shows it. It’s deeply respectful and authentic in how it reveals the lives of Native Americans and how early European Americans swept in and took what they wanted, entitled white men right from the get go. And it’s deeply moving, to see the lengths a man will go, when he feels he has nothing left to lose. 
Because my husband works in film, I usually stay in the theater until the credits finishing rolling, out of respect for the crew. This time I stayed in the theater while I gathered my emotions. The first time I felt that kind of widespread draining of emotion was after seeing The Deer Hunter in 1978. That’s the kind of film The Revenant is.
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Wish I could watch it but I think the violence would be too much. These actors look like they're having fun though. Grace, my actress, says the training in Great Britain is so much better than actors get here. That's why there is such a British invasion.
    I hope you'll have a new story or post to play along with Dreaming of France!

  2. I went yesterday night with my husband and while beautifully shot I felt nothing. I thought the revenge mechanism didst work that well, it would probably have been better if the boy was left alive and he had to find/save him. I don't know, I am usually very emotional but I didn't care much. In any case glad I found your blog!

    1. Thanks Ema! I’m glad despite our very different feelings about The Revenant that you’re still glad you stopped by.


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