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Best Picture Winners through the Years #SaturdayMatinee

Looking through the list of Oscar Best Picture winners over the past 20 years I was surprised to see I’d missed one. I don’t exactly know why I’ve never seen Million Dollar Baby. I used to love watching boxing with my dad, so the subject matter isn’t the problem. I’ve just never been a Hilary Swank fan so I suppose that’s why I skipped it. Not a big enough of a draw for me. The Kings Speech, Titanic, The English Patient, The Departed, all based on books. If I had to vote the Best Picture of the Best Pictures, I don’t know which I’d choose. Or which I’d choose on any given #SaturdayMatinee or #ThrowbackThursday to watch first!

Happily we live in age when most movies are available to stream on your device of choice, any day of the week. Including Wings, the first ever Best Picture award winner, available to stream now on Netflix.

How about you? Anything here you haven’t seen and want to add to your list of must-see films? I still don’t know when I’ll get around to Million Dollar Baby, based on the book


  1. My two favorite from the list are American Beauty and The Departed but I also liked last year's Birdman a lot. Special mention to Titanic because it's a movie I can't NOT watch if I catch it on TV. Maybe that's what a favorite is after all.
    The two I haven't seen are 12 Years a Slave and The Artist (I tried but just couldn't).
    Million Dollar Baby is a really good movie, unexpectedly dark, I watched it several times.


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