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War and Peace starring Lily James, James Norton & Paul Dano: Love in the time of waltzing / Episode 2 #book2movie

Last week I kvetched about the commercials. This week I got over it and let myself be swept up by the drama of War and Peace and the waltz to end all waltzes, gorgeously choreographed by Diana Scrivener. 
Catriona Wightman at Digital Spy called the waltz “the most spellbinding thing we’ll see on TV this year” It was heady, romantic, everything we watch movies and television for. miniseries. As Whightman asks “Why can’t all our nights out be like this?” 
She captures every moment so perfectly that Im giving it to you verbatim. Straight from the pages of Digital Spy, here it is.
War & Peace ​has been an undisputed triumph so far. From ridiculous hats, to people having snow-dusted duels, to Tuppence Middleton vamping her way through Russia like a mischievous saucepot - we've been utterly captivated.
But last night's episode took things to a whole other level as James Norton's ​Andrei Bolkonsky​ and Lily James's ​Natasha Rostova​ fell in love on the dancefloor... and we completely melted. Here's why it was the most spellbinding moment of television we'll see this year - yes,​ already:
1. It just looked gorgeous
Lily James on War & Peace

​Puts the Jaegermeister-stained 1970s carpets of your local Rumoursnightclub to shame, doesn't it? We think the Tsar's Ball is much more up our street.
​2. Natasha started the night on a low note
Lily James on War & Peace

​Because the rubbish Boris ​Drubetskoy​ pied her off. Natasha, mate, you can do better than the guy you basically forced to get engaged to you. He's not worth it.
​3. But then Andrei walked towards her and asked her to dance
James Norton on War & Peace

​Boris who?
​4. They got up close and personal
Lily James on War & Peace

​We don't think we're going to see a sexier moment on TV this year than James Norton's gloved hand clasping Lily James's waist. Her sharp intake of breath! The way she looks up at him! 
​5. Five minutes into Tolstoy-and-chill, and he gives you this look
James Norton on War & Peace

​We're gone by this point.
​6. Everyone else was forgotten
James Norton and Lily James on War & Peace

​The dance floor was full of dancing couples, but Natasha and Andrei had eyes 
only for each other. They never break eye contact, and as things slow down and 
the music changes they are the only people in the world.
 (Also, Lily James's ​Cinderella ​lessons have seriously paid off.)
​7. And they fell in love right there and then
James Norton and Lily James on War & Peace

​At this moment, we got flash forwards of the pair's love affair - from chatting 
at the ball afterwards to Natasha excitedly seeing Andrei arrive to their magnificent
smooch in the snow. But it was all tied in with the dance, because
that was where it all began...
Sorry, we melted again.

Of course, almost before the love montage was over, we started thinking about poor Pierre (Paul Dano). If it wasn’t quite clear before, from the look on his face as he sees the two falling in love, it’s clear now that he is crazy in love with Natasha too. Oh, the agony!

Thanks to Maisie @Yahyah56  for the heads-ups that someone had posted the video clearly showing Pierre’s pain! It makes the moment all come rushing back. I love it when fellow fans make my job easier.

Below, more of that beautiful score from series composer Martin Phipps and Jack C. Arnold.
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