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#SlackerSunday Video: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Dano #book2movie

I’ve been writing the name Paul Dano an awful lot lately. Hes starring with Lily James and James Norton and a slew of British actors in the upcoming War and Peace mini-series which I’m blogging about daily and which makes its debut in the UK tonight. Here in the states we have to wait until January 18th. Funny thing is, for all the times I’ve written it, I still don’t know for sure how to say it! Do you say A-No or do you say Ah-No? Who knows? I keep hearing different pronunciations. Today’s Slacker Sunday video, one of my favorite of Variety’s Actors on Actors series, doesn’t clear it up. 

The half hour convo between Dano, who is talking not about War and Peace, but about the Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt talking about portraying Philippe Petit in The Walk reveals both actors, but Dano especially, to be articulate and thoughtful artists, who clearly feel a depth of responsibility in their approach to playing real people, both still living. I particularly like the image of Paul Dano lying on his back on the floor, headset on, listening to Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds.

The two youngish actors worked together on Looper and have some really interesting things to say about spirituality and finding the performance somewhere outside of themselves. Fitting for a Sunday, I thought.