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Happy Birthday Geena Davis: Sixty Candles Burn Bright #ThrowbackThursday

Happy Birthday Geena Davis!

Can it be that almost half a lifetime ago I was falling in love with you and William Hurt falling in love in Accidental Tourist? The film, directed by Lawrence Kasdan, and based on one of my favorite books by Anne Tyler, officially came out in January of 1989. 

The positive reviews must have made you glow all birthday month long! I don’t suppose I have to remind you that it was Oscar-nominated for Best Picture, Best Writing (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium), Best Score—by none other than John Williams—and Best Supporting Actress. That would be you, and you won! Roger Ebert, who called it one of the best pictures of the year, said you brought an ‘unforced wackiness’ to the role. For me, you showed how love and persistence can bring out the best in a person. Even a depressed, withdrawn, quirky and prickly introvert who’d prefer to be an armchair traveler and left alone. 

You can stream The Accidental Tourist for about three bucks 
at Amazon Video, YouTube, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play. Oh, not you, Geena, you probably have your own copy on a shelf next to your Oscar and your copies of Thelma & Louise, A League of Their Own and The Fly. But for the rest of us, enjoy today’s #ThrowbackThursday movie in honor of Geena Davis’ 60th.