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Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carrell in The Big Short roundtable

I wished I lived in an alternate universe where the dream I had last night wasnt so crazy! There I was, some idealized form of me that I hold in my head, running through the streets with Ryan Gosling. We’re both breathless, laughing, in a hurry to get somewhere. We pause briefly so I can show him some teal-hued houses, all windows and terraces, crumbling slowly before my eyes.* That was just before Ryan took my face in his hands and said, with a little smile, I think Im in love with you. And that was just before he kissed me, deeply. And that was just before I woke up. I tried, as you might imagine, to go back to sleep but alas, no luck.

Ah well, at least Ryan Gosling is hosting SNL tomorrow night and for now I’ve got this 37 minute Hollywood Reporter Roundtable with Ryan, Christian Bale, Steve Carrell and Adam McKay the director who adapted Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short for the screen, along with the author himself. Besides my favorite Canadian, seeing Christian Bale and hearing him talk in his natural Brit accent is pretty cool too. The Big Short opens December 23rd.

* I know, I know. If you know anything about dream interpretation, that crumbling teal-color house (my favorite color) with all the windows is me. At least I was still able to see the beauty beyond the deteriorating walls. That’s something.