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I Saw the Light starring Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams will have you singing “Hey Good Looking!"

I wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to reading the biography of Hank Williams but seeing Tom Hiddleston as the legendary country western singer is definitely whetting my appetite for the film. The sexy Hiddleston isn’t just a dead-ringer for Williams, the man can sing! Plus his big, moony eyes hold a lot of heartache key to classic country music success. 

Slated to come out March 25, 2016, I Saw the Light also stars Elizabeth Olsen, Bradley Whitford, David Krumholtz and Cherry Jones.

Based on the award-winning biography by Colin Escott, written and directed by Marc Abraham, the story tracks William’s brief life in the spotlight. He first appeared on radio at age 13, rising fast, and living hard in the country music scene, he had a heart attack and died several months before his 30th birthday in 1953. The pressure of fame, life on the road, health problems, alcohol, all contributed to Williams’ short stay but his music remains with genre-transcending songs like “Hey Good Looking” and “Your Cheating Heart” working their way into the American musical vocabulary. If you don’t know them now, I’m betting you will come this spring. 

 Country music is my guilty pleasure so I’ll be watching for sure. Will you?