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'First Look' at Emily Blunt as The Girl on the Train: Hey there, lonely girl.

In case you missed the first images of Emily Blunt as The Girl on the Train here’s the ‘official’ first look pictures splashed all over the net. Although, um, I hate to break it to you but we had our first look of both Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux here a few days ago.

For all of us who read the book and kvetched about the relocation of the film from London to New York and its’ suburbs, the director Tate Taylor insists that the move will only add to the drama. The character of Rachel, still a Brit, is battling not just her alcoholism, shes also dealing with a profound sense of loneliness.’ 

Speaking of the shift, Taylor says, “It adds another layer of loneliness. She’s trying to reclaim or redefine herself, and yet she’s not in her native land.”

I love that rationalization. As if the storyline needed the move to NYC to make it work! I guess the loneliness and heartbreak of your husband leaving you for another woman couldn’t be enough of a motivation to fall apart? 

The Girl on the Train, based on the best seller by Paula Hawkins, is set for release on October 7, 2016. Despite my bitching, Im looking forward to it almost as much as many of you looked forward to Star Wars, The Force Awakens.