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While you were eating: The Winter’s Tale starring Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh

While you were eating, stuffing yourself to the gills with Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, your friends in the British Isles were flocking to the theatre to see Judi Dench in a live broadcast of Shakespeare’s The Winters Tale, co- starring by Kenneth Branagh who also had a hand in directing.

The play, which began running in the UK in London’s The Garrick Theatre in October, continues through January 16th. The live airing sold over £1.1million in tickets, beating out Mockingjay!

We’re supposedly getting the ‘live’ broadcast here in the US, in movie theaters on November 30th. I can’t find it anywhere, but I hold out hope for the Shakespearian classic to at least hit our TV screens at some point. 

UPDATE: Here’s what it’s playing Fathom Events

Were you lucky enough to see The Winters Tale, either on stage or at the theater. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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