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War & Peace starring Lily James, Paul Dano and James Norton: Images from the set in Vilnius, Lithuania

Karas Ir Taika [War and Peace]

Look what happens when a professional photographer happens to catch a movie in the making. Art of another kind. 

These images from local photographer Vilma Martisauskaite don’t capture any of the famous faces in War and Peace. Lily James, Paul Dano and James Norton are nowhere in sight. But what a beautiful preamble to the television series coming in 2016. 

Where do you find such an ancient looking locale? Shot on location in Vilnius, Lithuania, the pictures illustrate just a fraction of the charm of the ancient city which dates back to the 1300s. The cityOld Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Sight in 1994. Thanks to @astridafn for sending them along.

Watch the trailer and you’ll spot the soldiers marching through the streets of Vilnius’ Old Town.

Epic new drama indeed!

War and Peace is coming to television early next year. But you might want to add Vilnius too your bucket list now. 

Here’s what the city looks like today. In addition to a couple of thousand medieval, gothic, renaissance and baroque buildings, the city features the KGB museum, located in a former Soviet prison. That’s not something you’ll see in Paris. Flanked by Poland, Belarus and Latvia, Lithuania also boasts a gorgeous coastline. Check it out on Lonely Planet.
 Image via gazprom.ru

Image via thethq.com

 Image via coffeeaddictgreta.wordpress.com 

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I saw Carol last night at the DGA including an after screening conversation between director Todd Haynes and Wash Westmoreland, one of the directors of the heartbreaking Still Alice. I’ll try to get my thoughts on this beautiful film down on paper.