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The Girl on the Train: Are you on board with the casting?

Earlier this week we got our first look at Emily Blunt as Rachel in The Girl on the Train and some of us were disappointed. That was after we learned that Justin Theroux was replacing Chris Evans as Tom—a change I was all in favor of—and now, catching up on some reading, I see the news broke last week that Jared Leto is out and Luke Evans is in as the hunky half of the sexy golden couple, Megan(Haley Bennett) and Scott, the couple Rachel watches from the train and fantasizes about.

Evans, Bard in The Hobbit, Shaw in the Fast & Furious franchise and Gaston in Beauty & the Beast is Welsh but I expect he’ll play Scott as an American. Despite my disappointment with the Americanization of the movie, Evans is handsome enough for anyone’s fantasy life and he’s a thoroughly talented actor. On a personal note my husband was an AD in the upcoming Message from the King in which Evans plays a baddie, but dang it if Evans didnt skip the wrap party!

Allison Janney in Masters of Sex

Checking the rest of the cast for The Girl on the Train, I see the very versatile Allison Janney has joined the cast in an unspecified role and Lisa Kudrow is signed on as Monica. Monica, Monica? Besides Monica in Friends, I can’t remember for the life of me who Monica is—but apparently she’s a former coworker of Tom’s? 

What I see is the coming together of a very American movie out of a very British book. Bah Humbug. I know if I want to be open to at least enjoying the movie, I’ll have to stop griping about this and get on board the train. 

How about you all? What do you think of the latest casting news?