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Nicholas Hoult stars in Kill Your Friends: Music Moguls Run Amok in the French-dubbed band-annonce #book2movie

Way to start the week! A French trailer for a British film I might otherwise have missed! Set in the late 90’s, Kill Your Friends is about an A&R man who goes beyond the call of duty to snare the next BritPop star. Based on the cult best seller by John Niven, Kill Your Friends stars Nicholas Hoult—I still can’t get his sweet dufus character from About a Boy out of my head—a drug-fueled James Corden, Ed Skrein, Craig Roberts and Rosanna Arquette. Been awhile since we’ve seen her. 

The movie is set to open November 4th in France, November 6th in the UK and Ireland, and no time soon here in the states! Besides its screening at the Mill Valley Film Festival in mid-October I couldn’t find any listed release dates for Kill Your Friends here in the USA. 

Here’s the official run down for the hard to find book:
Meet Steven Stelfox. London 1997: New Labour is sweeping into power and Britpop is at its zenith. A&R man Stelfox is slashing and burning his way through the music industry, fuelled by greed and inhuman quantities of cocaine, searching for the next hit record amid a relentless orgy of self-gratification.But as the hits dry up and the industry begins to change, Stelfox must take the notion of cut throat business practices to murderous new levels in a desperate attempt to salvage his career.
Here’s the trailer in French for my Dreaming of France friends. 

Kill Your Friends

And in Anglaise, if like me, your French lessons didn’t quite take.

Surprise! Seem’s the music industry is fairly cutthroat. 
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