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Eve Babitz: Iconic 1970’s Party Girl, Writer, Artist story coming to TV

Hollywood can’t get enough of girls who have both boobs and brains. They just can’t fathom them coming together in one package. That was part of the Eve Babitz allure. 

Eve Babitz was an original L.A. woman, a wild child who wrote several memoirs about her life in LaLa Land. While all four books— Slow Days, Fast Company; Sex And RageLA Woman and Eve’s Hollywood—were first published in the 70’s and 80’s, Eve’s Hollywood was recently reissued and all four books have been optioned by Amy Pascal as the basis for a television series at Sony Pictures TriStar Television. 

Eve Babitz, born and raised in LA to an artsy, boho, intellectual family, famously made waves at 20—in 1963— posing nude for a photograph of her playing chess with the artist Marcel Duchamp. Well known for her quasi-fictional writings about her life as party girl, writer and involvements with a series of famous men ala Jim Morrison, Steve Martin, Harrison Ford and Ed & Paul Ruscha, Babitz, was also an artist/designer, this cover for Buffalo Springfield one of her best known works.

She was something. If you want to know how much of something, check out this Vanity Fair piece which sums up the un-summable, quite nicely. And here author Dan Wakefield, an old boyfriend of Eve’s from 1971 (she would have been about 30) who says he had a great year with Babitz but he couldn’t handle a second one. 

Pascal was the studio head demoted when a series of inappropriate emails came to light in the SONY hack. She was making $3 million a year and I’d be surprised if she wasn’t still doing very very well. But I digress. Pascal is partnering with producer Elizabeth Cantillon, the two, who go back to high school together, are also teaming on a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
As a longtime LA resident, a tv series based on Eve Babitz life, set in the LA of the 70’s will be right up my alley. You know the one, that dark alley off Santa Monica and ... oh, never mind. But yeah, it’ll be one to watch for.