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Truth? Thank God it’s #SlackerSunday time.

Truth? I don’t have time for this today. It’s my second ‘shower’ in as many weeks. Last Saturday night was one of those co-ed baby shower events that’s really more party than ‘shower’. It was for one of my favorite nieces, one of those people who glows inside and out and has since she was a baby. Today’s is a wedding shower for my nephew’s bride who I don’t know that well but like my niece, she’s full of life. We’ve been asked to bring two favorite family recipes because ‘every bride needs to have a collection of family faves’. I’m making my husband contribute one because it’s 2015 not 1915 and when it comes to cooking he does as much of it as I do. 

Okay. Here’s my slacker Sunday video, An Anatomy of A Scene via the New York Times featuring Truth, the film based on Mary Mapes memoir about Dan Rather’s fall from grace. I’m still not sure I buy Robert Redford as Dan Rather but I think Redford’s low-key approach to acting might be exactly what the role calls for. 

Truth starring Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett opens next Friday in theaters everywhere.