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The Martian in French: Seul Sur Mars

There’s no violence, no sex, nothing but a dramatic man vs. nature story that grips you from start to finish. I can’t imagine anyone not loving The Martian starring everyones favorite Everyman, Matt Damon.That includes those watching the French-dubbed version although Im more and more curious about how the actual actors, talented actors like Matt Damon, feel about their roles being dubbed by an actor in a foreign language. The French actor, no matter how skilled, surely cant replicate Matt Damons performance, can he? Its an art weve looked at before, but for me the question remains. What do you think? Can a dubbed film equal the original or would it be preferable to release English language movies with French (Italian, Spanish, Japanese etc) subtitles instead? Check out the trailer for The Martian AKA Seul Sur Mars and let me know what you think. 

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