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The Girl on the Train gets a course correction and a release date: October 7, 2016

A little over a month ago I got the bad news that Chris Evans was in talks to join The Girl on the Train. I’m uncomfortable at being so direct about my dislike but there it is, the idea of the bland Evans as Tom, Tom ‘with the Tom Cruise smile’ just didn’t do it for me. Dont feel bad for him, hes got his Captain America schtick to do. The schedules collided and today I can joyously report hes out.
And Justin Theroux is in. Which brings up a different issue. Is Justin just too sexy, with his dark and mysterious ways, for Tom? Or, Mrs. H  @NASAGeekCL  suggested on twitter, is he too creepy. Evans was spot on. Justin is creepy so the audience wont have to play Who Done It. 
Looking at Theroux in Wanderlust (above), where he is both ridiculous yet sexy, I would never call him creepy but there is a darkness—and I aint just talking bout his hair color—to Theroux. You wouldnt typically cast him as a good guy.  Mrs. H may have a point. Then again with Jared Leto as Megans husband Scott, that little neighborhood along the train tracks is so good-looking and sexy, Therouxs playing Tom wont set off any alarm bells. If that even matters; we all knew—those of us who read the book—who done it in Gone Girl but that didnt keep us away from the theater to see Rosamund Pike inhabit the role of Amy. 
In any case, the train has left the station. The studio has announced a release date—October 7, 2016—so at this point it’s—pardon the proliferation of puns—full steam ahead. 
The other chunk of casting news is that Dr. Kamal Abdic, Megan’s therapist, is being played by Edgar Ramirez, a handsome Venezualan who has over half a dozen films slated for release in the next year, including playing Jennifer Lawrence’s husband in the upcoming Joy. Of course Venezuelan is not Indian—I had  Sendhil Ramamurthy cast as Kamalso we’ll see how the casting of Ramirez plays with the PC police. 

Theroux and Ramirez join Emily Blunt as Rachel, Rebecca Ferguson as Anna, Haley Bennett as Megan, and of course, Jared Leto as Megan’s husband Scott. Tate Taylor (The Help) directs from a script by Erin Cressida Wilson, based on Paula Hawkins’ best seller, disappointingly relocated from London to NYC. How do you think The Girl on the Train is shaping up?