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Happy Birthday Julie Andrews: 80 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Years!

My sister could have her Barbie with her wisp of a waist and oversized breasts, all I wanted for Christmas was a Mary Poppins doll. That Mary Poppins doll—my desire fanned by the magical movie starring Julie Andrews—turned out to be my last doll. The movie came out in 1964; I was eleven years old, clutching onto childhood and innocence while puberty was pushing its way into my world. It seemed much safer to stay in a place where a spoonful of sugar could help the medicine go down rather than grow up and have to compete with the likes of Barbie. As much as I lived in my own imagination, I couldn’t imagine I would ever have what Barbie had. But Mary Poppins as delivered via the twinkling eyes and smiling face of Julie Andrews was a different story. All I needed was a carpetbag and a big black umbrella to fly away and live happily ever after. 

Happy Birthday Julie Andrews! 

Thanks for keeping the little girl me safe and warm just a little bit longer.

#ThrowbackThursday Mary Poppins Trailer